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Item #: 500-071
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    The Kirby Morgan 47 has an entirely new breathing system, oral nasal mask, and water ejection system. The Rex Remand Valve (patents pending), with its fully adjustable balanced piston is a breakthrough design that exceeds the requirements of all government or other testing agencies. It has the best work-of breathing performance when compared to ANY other commercial diving helmet. The Kirby Morgan 47 Dive Helmet has been tested and meets or exceeds European CE requirements and is fully commercially rated. The Kirby Morgan 47 consists of two major assemblies: the helmet shell/helmet ring assembly and the neck dam/neck ring assembly. The chrome plated, machined brass helmet ring houses the latch catches and provides protection for the bottom end of the helmet. This assembly also provides the foundation for an externally adjustable chin support. This support, along with the adjustable neck pad on the locking collar, gives the diver a secure, custom fit. The balance and comfort of this helmet is unsurpassed, even when the diver must work for long periods in the face down position. The Kirby Morgan 47 features quick change communications, available with either bare wire posts or a waterproof connector, and allows for easy, efficient maintenance of the helmets communication.