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Item #: 500-011
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    The fully tested SuperLite 17B Commercial Divers Helmet set the working standard for the commercial diving industry worldwide Many thousands of underwater hours have proved the design to be dependable, comfortable extremely rugged, and is Commercial Rated. The SL-17B has been tested and certified to meet or exceed all requirements for all governing agencies. It is certified for use in diving operations worldwide. The helmet system consists of two pieces: the neck dam-yoke and the helmet. The diver slips on the angled neck dam with the attached yoke. The neck clamp is then slipped onto the helmet and locked. The locking system not only seals the neck dam to the helmet but also secures the front of the yoke. The Kirby Morgan 17B also includes our Quad-Valve Exhaust System which retrofits to many of our helmets. It is recommended for diving in biologically contaminated water, when you’re properly trained and qualified, using recommended procedures. This new exhaust has exceptionally low exhalation resistance that you must experience to appreciate. The new SL-17A/B Helmet Retainer (chin strap) along with the new SL-17 A/B Yoke Retainer (yoke strap) makes it virtually impossible to have the hat come loose. These upgrades are standard on all new SL-17B helmets and will retrofit to all previous SL-17 A/B helmets. The Side Block Assembly is standard in the B configuration, receiving the umbilical over the shoulder (17B as shown). The SuperLite-17B offers comprehensive head protection, an adjustable demand breathing system for gas economy, antiflooding features, rapid emplacement, a neck dam clamp that mechanically breaks a low-pressure lock, and a trim to fit angled neck dam which seats the helmet comfortably, especially when working in the face down position. The pull pin neck clamp release provides a system for prevention of accidental helmet removal.