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    Craftsweld Arc-Oxygen Cutting Torches are fully insulated, comfortably balanced tools specifically designed for their particular jobs. Every torch is manufactured to the high standards of quality for which Aqua-Air has long been recognized. Both models are very easy to use after only a few minutes practice and have been proven completely dependable in world-wide use. Every Torch is manufacture w/ a 5� length of oil-resistant, extra-flexible copper welding cable soldered directly into the Head for reliable and efficient electrical conductivity. The other end of the cable is terminated in a copper lug (also soldered). The bronze Collet, Locknut, and Head provide a secure grip for the electrode w/ full electrical contact. The Internal Washer in the Head gives a positive seal for the oxygen path through the core of the electrode. A mere quarter-turn of the Locknut secures or releases the electrode. Upon release, the stub of the consumed electrode may be ejected w/ a short squeeze of oxygen from the Trigger Valve. When inserting a new electrode in the Torch, the mouth of the Locknut guides the electrode into place, without awkward fumbling (an important feature underwater, where visibility is poor). All current-conducting parts of the torches are permanently insulated w/ laminated thermoplastic, and the bronze Oxygen Trigger Valve Assembly is completely isolated from the electrical front section of the torch. The Oxygen Valve may be rotated a full 360 to permit the operator to position the Trigger for his convenience. The built-in Flash Arrester Cartridge and Screen provide utmost safety. The Cartridge may be removed for inspection or cleaning in just 30 seconds w/ a screwdriver. If the Screen has been burned out by severe flashback, it takes only a few seconds to replace it.